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Air Freight

Aerial transportation is used often for the transportation of extremely valuable or perishable goods. Both combi aircraft for goods and passengers and special aircraft are used. Aircraft can be rented as liner or charter service, which implies occasional routes or contract based services can be provided for beneficiaries who wish to make best use of rented aircraft.
The transportation of goods through space is done by aircraft.

All aerial transports undertaken by our company are closely monitored by our specialized staff to insure that the goods arrive in time to their destinations and the time graphs are met. Our clients have the opportunity to obtain information regarding the progress of their own transports by contacting us via telephone.

‘Special Transports’ guarantees convenient prices respecting departure dates and deadlines Not to mention an irreproachable customer relations approach.


Aerial transport has the following technical-economical characteristics:

  • Speed – it is the most important characteristic of aerial transportation. The speed of aircraft is unequaled.
  • Opportunity – the benefits of availability anytime, anywhere of the most modern way of transportation.
  • Regularity – a fix schedule all year long, day and night.


  • Textiles


  • Consumables


  • Oil & Gas

    Oil & Gas