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Ocean Freight

The participation of each country to the commercial exchange represents an indispensable condition towards the stimulation of economic progress of the respective geographic region.

Transport by Sea is a complex economic activity, both national and international. It is destined to connect production with consumption and it characterized by feasibility and economic efficiency.

Each and every sea transport route undertaken by the company is closely monitored by our qualified staff to ensure that the goods arrive to their destination in time, and the time graphs and schedules are respected. Our clients have the opportunity to obtain information regarding the progress of their own transports by contacting us via telephone.


The role of sea freight is an essential one concerning goods flow which is due to:

  • A diversified and complex character of commercial exchange.
  • The growth of participants in these exchanges.
  • Low costs, compared with the large volume of transported goods.


  • Textiles


  • Consumables


  • Oil & Gas

    Oil & Gas